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Google offers a free (if fewer than 90 million impressions/month) and very powerful Ad Server called DFP Small Business.


When I started using Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business I first had some troubles to understand how it works. The DFP Small Business Help Pages help you solve specific problems but I could not find an easy to understand tutorial on how to setup and use DFP Small Business. It took me over half a year to wrap my head around everything that I needed to run DFP as my Ad Server with all the features I required.

To spare you the learning curve here is a step by step tutorial on how to use DFP Small Business as Ad Server to serve your Ads (including AdSense Ads) on your websites.

Table of contents:


First Step: Introduction into DFP Small Business

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  • Jon Ragetli

    Thanks for writing this tutorial, it is very helpful. Still I have some specific questions – which forum would you recommend for posing those questions?
    Kind regards,

    • StarBuG

      You can either use the official DFP Help Forums from Google or ask the question in my original DFP Tutorial Thread

    • Anonymous

      Hello Jon,
      you can either use the official DFP Help Forums from Google:

      or ask the question in my original DFP Tutorial Thread:

      • Jon Ragetli


        • Jon Ragetli

          I could not find the Google forum, but that was because of the language settings in Google Chrome – the English forum was hidden as my language is Dutch. And there was no Dutch forum, so I was redirected to another landing page.

          • Anonymous

            Go to chrome > Options > Under the Hood > Web Content > Language and Spell-Checker settings
            and add English to your languages, then switch to English as Interface language for Chrome

  • http://twitter.com/_CassieLee_ Cassie Allinger

    Thanks for creating this tutorial. Do you have any posts, or know of any other resources, that breakdown custom targeting via key values? Thanks!

    • http://www.dfptutorial.com Michael Scheel

      Unfortunately no. But if you find a good one let me know. :)

  • http://geekworldnews.org/ Geek World News

    Nice tips you shared

    • http://www.dfptutorial.com Michael Scheel

       You are welcome :)

  • Meg Geddes

    Quick question – if I understand this correctly, I can’t use any of the hundreds and hundreds of existing ad units (with the existing ad code and multiple channels assigned to each one) in order to switch to DFP? I really want to move to an ad server, but I don’t much want to redo ALL the ads for a 60+ sites.

    • http://www.dfptutorial.com Michael Scheel

       The question is: why do you want to switch to an Ad Server?

      If you are just displaying AdSense there is no need for using DFP
      However if you are planning to sell advertising to third parties you will need to add ad unit codes to all your sites that you want to sell ad space for.

  • http://www.cancionesromanticas.biz/ Canciones Romanticas

    Muchas gracias andaba buscando justo  el sistema de su funcionamiento para implementarlo en algunos sitios de amor que tengo porque el ctr es asqueroso y siento que con esto podre optimizar los anuncios y con ello mejorar el ctr  xD


  • http://startitup.co/ Edward Liu

    Just to let you know, I was having so much trouble figuring out DFP, but your tutorials made it so easy. Just want to personally thank you for your service :)

    • http://www.dfptutorial.com Michael Scheel

      You are welcome :)

  • http://www.seocopywriter.co.nz Peter van Wyk

    Found this useful video explaining ad units vs placements. Helped me, might provide some more clarification.

  • http://www.babynamescube.com/ nikunj singh

    This is really very helpful tutorial for beginners and experienced professionals. Even I learnt with my team of Ad department at Galore Technology http;//www.galoretech.com